Wesley E. Pippenger

          WESLEY EUGENE PIPPENGER, b. St. Mary's Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri, son of

          CHARLES WESLEY PIPPENGER, b. 7912 Montgall Street, Kansas City, Missouri, m. 7 June 1953 at Cleveland Avenue Methodist Church, Kansas City, Missouri, to Zora Eileene Davison. Son of

          CHARLEY WESLEY PIPPENGER, b. 13 December 1907 at 42 McClure Flats, Kansas City, Missouri, m. 15 May 1929 at the home of Rev. Harry Rainwater in Kansas City, Missouri, to Marguerite Pearl PALMER, b. 30 May 1912 in Kansas City, Missouri. Daughter of

          CHARLES HENRY "Harry" PALMER, mattress maker, b. 26 December 1878 at 12 Saxby Street, Pendleton, Salford District, Lancashire, England, m. 27 November 1908 in Ft. Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas, to Harriett Elsaba BENNETT, b. 6 May 1886 in Caulksville, Logan County, Arkansas. Son of

          MONTGOMERY PALMER, b. 5 January 1855 at Ormsby House, Durrow, Queen's County, Ireland, m. 22 December 1877 in the United Methodist Free Church of Chorlton-Upon-Medlock, Manchester, England, to Mary Smith, b. 21 June 1856, bapt. Manchester Cathedral 26 March 1859, eldest daughter of Frederick William Smith, warehouseman, and Hannah Hanson. After the death of Montgomery Palmer on 10 November 1881 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mary (Smith) Palmer removed to Texas and married Charles Nowell Phelps, widower. The Palmer children were raised by Mr. Phelps. Montgomery Palmer was the twentieth (and last) child, thirteenth son of

          JOSEPH LODGE PALMER, SR., gentleman, b. 1799 in Ireland, d. 29 November 1885, m. 8 November 1821 to Sarah Wilson (1808-1885), daughter of John Wilson and Sarah Montgomery. Joseph Lodge and Sarah (Wilson) Palmer, Sr., built c.1857, Lakefield House, Dereen, Queen's County, Ireland, lived at Ormsby House, Durrow, from 1865 to 1885. Joseph and Sarah are buried in the churchyard at Durrow. Son of

          THOMAS STEPHEN PALMER, b. 1760, probably at the family's mansion house in Derreen, m. c.1787 in Ireland to Mary Anne Lodge, daughter of Elizabeth and George Lodge of Graigavoice. Third son of

          PAUL PALMER, b. c.1730 in Ireland, m. 12 May 1754 in the Protestant Church in the square at Durrow, Kilkenny, Ireland to Frances Lodge, daughter of Jeremiah Lodge and Elizabeth Elliott of Derreen; resided in 1754 at Ballygauge, Queen's County, Ireland. Son of

          THOMAS PALMER, b. c.1705 in Ireland, d. in 1771, probate records lost, owned land at Ballygauge, Queen's County, Ireland in 1741. Thomas m. c.1729 to Eleanor Fletcher. This link with the Fletcher family provides us a long line of Scottish ancestry. Daughter of

          WILLIAM FLETCHER, JR., b. c.1680. Son of

          WILLIAM FLETCHER, SR., b. c.1660, an officer in the army of William of Orange. Son of

          HENRY FLETCHER, b. c.1630, second son of

          Sir ANDREW FLETCHER, Lord Innerpeffer, b. c.1580, a Lord of Session, son of Robert Fletcher of Innerpeffer, a Burgess of Dundee, Angus. Sir Andrew Fletcher m. Miss Hay. Daughter of

          PETER HAY, of Rattray and Kirkland, d. 1629, m. Maragaret Boyd. Son of

          PETER HAY, of Megginch, Chamberlain of the Monastery of Scone, d. 10 SEP 1596, m. Margaret Ogilby, daughter of Sir Patrick Ogilby and Elizabeth. Son of

          PETER HAY, of Megginch, d. 1565, m. Margaret Crichton. Daughter of

          Perhaps JOHN CRICHTON, of Ruthven, son of James Crichton and Janet Ogston. It may be that Margaret is a daughter of James Crichton and Janet Ogston, but this is being examined. If so, the Fraser connection does not apply. John Crichton m. Janet Fraser, daughter of

          THOMAS FRASER, 4th Lord Lovat, d. 21 OCT 1524 in Inverness-shire, m. Janet Gray, daughter of

          ANDREW, 2nd Lord Gray, son of Patrick Gray and Annabella Forbes, m. Elizabeth Stewart. Daughter of

          JOHN STEWART, Earl of Athall, m. Eleanor Sinclair. Son of

          JAMES "Black Knight of Lorn" STEWART, of Innermeath, Argyllshire, Scotland, m. Joan Beaufort. Daughter of

          JOHN "Fairborn" BEAUFORT, 1st Earl of Somerset, Knighted, c.1371-1410 in London, m. Margaret De HOLAND, of Lancashire, England, Duchess of Clarence, 1385-1439. Son of

          JOHN "Of Gaunt", Prince of England, Duke of Lancaster, d. Leicestershire, England, m. Katherine De Roet, daughter of Payn De Roet. Son of

          EDWARD III, King of England (1327-1377), b. Windsor Castle, d. Surrey, England, m. 1327/8 to Philippa of France. Son of

          EDWARD II, King of England, murdered 1327, m. Isabella of France. Son of

          EDWARD I, King of England (1272-1307), by his wife Eleanor of Castile, daughter of King Ferdinand. Son of

          HENRY III, King of England (1216-1272), Duke of Aquitaine, m. Eleanor, daughter of Raymond, Count of Provence. Son of

          JOHN, King of England (1199-1216), Lord of Ireland, m. Isabella of France, daughter of Clymer, Count of Angouleme. Son of

          HENRY II, King of England (1154-1189), m. Eleanor of Aquitaine, divorced wife of Louis VII. Son of

          Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, and Maud (Matilda), d. 1167. Son of

          HENRY I, King of England (1100-1135), m. Matilda, of Scotland. Son of

          WILLIAM I, "The Conquerer", Duke of Normandy, 1024-1087, m. Matilda. Son of

          ROBERT I, Duke of Normandy, 999-1035, m. Herlene De Falaise. Son of

          RICHARD II, Duke of Normandy, 958-1027, m. Judith, daughter of Conan I, Duke of Bretagne. Son of

          RICHARD I, Duke of Normandy, 933-996. Son of

          WILLIAM I, Duke of Normandy, 893-943. Son of

          HROLF "Rollo" ROGNVALDSSON, 1st Duke of Normandy, 870-927.

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          Author: Wesley E. Pippenger
          Revised: July 19, 2020