Wesley E. Pippenger
Tappahannock, Virginia


          ABBOTT, Mary, wife of Joseph Palmer

          ADAIR, Sarah Elizabeth (1853-1935), of Kansas City, Missouri, wife of William Martin Lewis

          ADKINS, Lucy (1799-1837), wife of Littleton Johnson

          ALBIN, Margaret, wife of John Hunter

          ALDRED, Elizabeth (b. 1799), wife of William Smith

          ALEXANDER, Nina Lee (1880-1963) of Kansas City, Missouri, wife of John Wesley Pippenger

          ALLEN, Nellie, wife of George Davison

          ALLEN, Velma Pearl (1902-1990), of Kansas City, Missouri, wife of Chester Leeland Davison

          BEESON, Ann (1749-1812), wife of David Lewis

          BENNETT, Harriett Elsaba (1886-1974) of Glendale, California, wife of Charles Henry Palmer

          BEVANS, Ann (1783-1872), of Waynesboro, Virginia, wife of William Alexander

          BEWRY, Mary, wife of Rowland Bevans (d. 1709)

          BIGGER, Matilda (d. c.1855), wife of Richard Sweazea

          BIRD, Rebecca (1775-1848), wife of John Pippenger, Sr.

          BLAGRAVE, Mary, wife of William Lodge

          BOZMAN, Mary (b. c.1670), wife of Marcy Fontaine

          BRISON, Grizell Ann (1825-1865), of Texas, wife of Samuel R. Hicks

          BROOKS, Priscilla (b. 1725), wife of John Lewis

          BROUCARD, Kataleyn (b. c.1686), wife of Pieter Hoff

          CAMPBELL, Fanny "Frances" (1779-1860), wife of William Wright

          COVENHOVEN, Annetje, wife of Abraham Van Horn, of New Jersey

          CRIPE, Esther (1798-1856), wife of Peter Pippenger

          DAVISON, Zora Eileene (1932- ), of Littleton, Colorado, wife of Charles Wesley Pippenger [Jr.]

          ELLIOTT, Elizabeth, wife of Jeremiah Lodge

          FLETCHER, Eleanor, wife of Thomas Palmer

          FONTAINE, Mary (d. 1771), wife of Jonathan Tull

          FOWLER, Jennettie (1820-1883), of Moberly, Missouri, wife of Samuel Ridgeway

          GANGER, Mary (b. 1803), wife of Daniel Pippenger

          GRUBB, Charity (1687-1761), wife of Richard Beeson

          HANSON, Hannah (1829-1884), of Ardwick, England, wife of Frederick Smith

          HENDERSHOT, Eva Ann, wife of William Pippenger, Sr., of Hunterdon County, New Jersey

          HICKS, Mary Ann (1854-1931), of Rhea's Mill, Arkansas, wife of Samuel Gillion Allen

          HOFF, Geertruy (d. 1763), wife of Abraham Titsworth

          HUNTER, Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin Beeson

          JOHNSON, Mary Ann (1825-1866), of Franklin County, Arkansas, wife of John Titsworth

          JULIAN, Nancy (1774-1845), wife of Isaiah Lewis, Sr.

          KELLY, Martha Ann (b. 1834), wife of Joab Lewis of Randolph County, Arkansas

          LeFEVRE, Catherine, wife of Borgon Broucard

          LEWIS, Mary Ellen (1880-1960), of Kansas City, Missouri, wife of Robert Edward Allen

          LISTON, Ann, wife of William Alexander, Sr.

          LODGE, Frances (b. c.1737), wife of Paul Palmer

          LODGE, Mary Anne (b. 1765), wife of Thomas Stephen Palmer

          LONGENECKER, Maria, wife of Christian Whistler (1742-1827)

          MAXWELL, Hannah (1837-1882), of Newport, Arkansas, wife of John Pippinger

          MILLER, Mary Ann (1821-1908), of Dade County, Missouri, wife of Solomon John Pippenger. Info on photos.

          MONTFORT, Jannetie (b. c.1646), wife of Willem Gerritse Van Kowenhoven

          MONTGOMERY, Sarah, wife of John Wilson

          NESBITT, Anna, wife of David Stutzman

          NICHOLSON, Amelia Jane (1810-1863), wife of David Maxwell

          PALMER, Marguerite Pearl (1912-1997), of Kansas City, Missouri, wife of Charley Wesley Pippenger

          PENINGTON, Rachel, wife of Edward Beeson

          PHELPS, Jane, wife of Ausborn Ridgeway (d. 1841) in Sangamon, Illinois

          PIPPENGER, Charles Wesley [Jr.], (1931- ), of Littleton, Colorado

          PIPPINGER, Malissa Melvina Pippenger (1859-1929), of Kansas City, Missouri, wife of Simon Peter Pippenger

          PUGH, Ruth, wife of Peter Julien, Jr.

          REDMON, Barbara, wife of John Ganger

          REESE/REECE, Mary (c.1851-1907), widow of Walter Gover of [Saline Co.] Missouri, last wife of James Washington Alexander, late of Kansas City, Missouri

          RIDGEWAY, Florence Evelyn (1863-1936), of Aurora, Colorado, wife of Charles Condus Davison

          RISDON, Blandina (d. 1727), wife of Hon. John Bozman

          SAMPLE, Jane (1760-1818), late of Monroe County, Kentucky, daughter of Moses Sample

          SHARP, Grace (c.1786-1855), wife of Benjamin Hanson

          SHELDON, Mary, wife of John Alexander, of Worcester County, Maryland

          SIMMONS, Elizabeth, wife of John Ridgway, Sr.

          SMITH, Caroline (1828-1899), of Kansas City, Missouri, wife of George W. Davison

          SMITH, Mary (b. 1801), wife of Isaiah Lewis

          SMITH, Mary (1856-1902), of Lagrange, Illinois, wife of Montgomery Palmer

          STREET, Elsaba (1837-1920), of Ft. Smith, Arkansas, wife of James Henry Bennett

          STUTZMAN, Catherine (1779-1849), wife of John Cripe

          SWEAZEA, Mary E. (1828-1868), of Randolph County, Arkansas, wife of Watson M. Adair

          TENLEY, Mary (d. 1809), wife of John Ridgway, Jr. (1716-1793)

          THOMAS, Grace, wife of Philip Tenley

          TITSWORTH, Mary Magdaline (1866-1956), of Talala, Oklahoma, wife of Joseph William Bennett

          TULL, Eleanor "Nelly", wife of John Bevans

          ULRICH, Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Grieb [Cripe] (1712-1801)

          VAN HORN, Sarah (d. 1826), wife of William Pippenger, Jr.

          VAN VLIET, Geertje, wife of Simon Wyckoff

          WALLACE, Catharine, wife of William Alexander, Jr., of Somerset County, Maryland

          WARREN, Rosanna, wife of Jacob Brooks

          WEATHERLY, Elizabeth (Robertson), wife of Moses Alexander, of Somerset County, Maryland

          WHISTLER, Magdaline (1778-1845), wife of Henry Maxwell (1774-1857), son of Thomas Maxwell and Ann Blackmar

          WILSON, Sarah (1808-1885), of Durrow, Ireland, wife of Joseph Lodge Palmer, Sr.

          WRIGHT, William (1776-1754), late of Camden, Benton County, Tennessee

          WYCKOFF, Charity (b. c.1724), wife of Cornelius Van Horn, of New Jersey

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          Author: Wesley E. Pippenger
          Revised: September 7, 2012